There’s A Reason Why You Overshare On Dates

If you overshare on dates you’re not alone.

Psychology experts say you might be oversharing due to self-control depletion, which happens when you expend your mental resources managing one behavior, which leaves you with less willpower to monitor subsequent behaviors. If you’re feeling stressed on top of this, it’s even more difficult to keep your impulses and emotions in check. So if your brain is working overtime handling emotional strain, you might find yourself saying more about yourself than the other person wants to hear.

Ginette Blackhart, a psychology professor at East Tennessee State University, says the good news is that studies show you can increase self-control with practice. Researchers say to recover from oversharing you could say something like “Oh dear, I have no idea why I blurted that out. Forgive me.”, lighten the mood with a joke and a smile, and bridge the conversation or change the subject. 
(NY Times