Signs Your Partner is “The One”

 Couples say they realized things were getting serious when they met each other’s parents.  But couples WE surveyed were way more specific, as you’ll see with today’s list of the . . . Top 5 REAL Signs Your Partner is “The One.”

  • She gets why it’s only pass interference when the other team commits it.
  • Whenever you ask, “How do I look?”, he knows to lie.
  • She acts like that smell really did come from the dog.
  • He remembers important dates like your one-year anniversary.  And six-month anniversary.  And three-month anniversary.  And one-month anniversary.  And . . .
  • She comforts you when you start crying in front of the TV instead of saying, “You know wrestling’s not real, right?”
  • When he wants the thermostat at 70, but you want it at 75, he compromises and sets it to 75.
  • She doesn’t say, “Oh, I already loosened it,” after you open a jar for her.  Even though you both know she already loosened it.
  • He gives you 90% of the shower caddy.  No questions asked.