Is this a Serious Relationship?

When did you know your relationship was SERIOUS?  A new poll found it takes an average of two years of dating before you know you want to be with someone long term.

Couples were asked to name the moment they realized things were starting to get serious.  Here are the top ten answers . . .

1.  Meeting your friends, or a family member.

2.  Meeting your parents.

3.  Buying an engagement ring.  Yeah . . . probably pretty serious at that point.

4.  Labeling the relationship.  Like saying you’re “excusive,” not just “dating.”

5.  Seeing each other more than once a week.

6.  Deleting dating apps like Tinder from your phone.

7.  You text or call to say good night, or good morning.

8.  You don’t have to make plans, because it’s expected you’ll hang out.

9.  You’ve shown each other your favorite hangout spots.

10.  You’ve visited them at work.