Ways to Have Fun Without Ever Leaving Your House

According to a new poll, the average person hasn’t “let their hair down” and had fun in three weeks.  C’mon, people!  It’s not that hard.  Just try anything from today’s list of the . . . Top 5 Ways to Have Fun Without Ever Leaving Your House. 

  • Play your toddler in chess.  You’ll kick her Butt!
  • Look through old photos.  But not the ones where you’re thin and had hair.
  • Teach your pet a new trick.  Or, if you own a cat:  a new way to express contempt.
  • Call up someone who makes you laugh.  Like your friend who insists the Jets are going to the Super Bowl.
  • Turn on the TV and take a vodka shot whenever you see Jake from State Farm. 
  • Learn a language.  Like French.  Or whatever Vin Diesel mumbles.
  • Pull the window shades and dance like nobody’s watching.  Because nobody IS watching.  Because you have nobody in your life.  Sorry, this isn’t helping, is it?