4 Ways To Reignite Your Love For Reading Books

1) Create A Reading Nook: Just like with anything, from sleeping to working from home, it’s hard to get something done if you don’t have a dedicated space for it.

2) Start A Club: You can look forward to knowing that if you do the reading, you get to have a fun wine, cheese, and book night with friends and have an interesting conversation about the reading.

3) Read The Book A Favorite Movie Was Based On: It can be very fun to read a book that a favorite TV show or movie is based on. And there are plenty of those today. It’s like working backwards. Some people read all the books before seeing the movie, but if you already saw the movie, that’s okay, too.

4) Just do a little a day

For some, it’s hard to start any task if you’re overwhelmed by the end goal. So don’t stress about finishing the book. Don’t think about it as 300 pages. Just do 10 pages a day.