Things Your Cat’s Thinking Right No

Props to the University of Helsinki for figuring out your cat’s personality.  But we figured out something way more impressive:  your cat’s THOUGHTS.  Check out the results with today’s list of the . . . Top 5 Things Your Cat’s Thinking Right Now.

  • Trust me, pal:  if your tongue felt like mine, you’d lick yourself all day, too.
  • I go through all the trouble to stalk and disembowel this baby bird, and when I lay it at your feet, you’re MAD?!?  
  • I feel ya, bruh.  I don’t find Garfield funny, either.
  • How come you can eat Goldfish out of a box, but I can’t eat one out of a bowl? 
  • If I ever catch that laser pointer, it’s DEAD!  You hear me?  DEAD!! 
  • You think that cheap scratch post you got will keep me from dragging my claw across the new leather couch?  Ha!
  • The last thing I’d call this indigestible mush is “Fancy Feast.”
  • When I’m on top of the bookshelf, I’m invisible, right?