Reasons You Should Stop Sleeping Naked

A doctor went viral on TikTok explaining why we should never sleep in the nude.  But if he can’t convince you to stop bedding in the buff, hopefully we can thanks to today’s list of . . . The Top Five Reasons You Should Stop Sleeping Naked.

  • You sleepwalk . . . and still live at home with your parents.
  • I’m pretty sure that voids your mattress warranty.
  • That Amazon Echo on your nightstand has a camera.
  • Knowing your luck, the kids will surprise you with breakfast in bed after the one night you kick the sheets off in your sleep. 
  • Your sheets are white.  And your dinner was Chipotle.
  • Your pug does it and she still has wrinkles.   
  • Your husband thinks you look hot in those Baby Yoda footy p.j.’s.
  • C’mon, even memory foam doesn’t want to remember THAT.