The Best 2-Player Board Games for Couples to Play at Home Together

1. Carcassonne: In Carcassonne, each of you will take turns drawing and laying tiles like a puzzle, trying to complete cities, roads, and other features in an area modeled after the South of France.

2. Ticket to Ride: In Ticket to Ride, you and your partner are simultaneously trying to connect specific cities on the board with train routes you place piece-by-piece.

3. Hive: A bug-themed strategy game that sounds very much like a light game of chess, your objective in Hive is to surround your opponentÕs queen bee, while keeping yours from being surrounded.

4. Guillotine: A bit macabre, but Guillotine is a card game where you and your date will each be executioners vying for public opinion by executing the least popular nobles.

5. Scrabble: Scrabble is smart, strategic, competitive and gives you a chance to argue playfully about whether “Za” is a word (hint: it is).