Signs Your Favorite NFL Team Is Gonna Suck

NFL teams have finalized their rosters and are ready to start the season.  But that might not necessarily be good news for your team.  Here are The Top Signs Your Favorite NFL Team Is Gonna Suck.

  • The quarterback’s last name is “Brady.”  But first name is “Wayne.”
  • Every player on the team has a positive attitude . . . and a positive result for Covid.
  • Their trick play is to throw off the other team by punting on THIRD down.
  • Bill Belichick doesn’t bother stealing their plays.
  • The only “speed” on the team is delivered by a dealer.
  • The new rule is that the huddle is strictly for discussing “This Is Us”.
  • The only plays they know were written by Arthur Miller.
  • The only blocking they excel at is to trolls on Twitter.
  • In order to protect and preserve their freedoms, they’re playing the whole season without pads or helmets.
  • The offensive line’s performance is truly “offensive.”
  • Even though the rookie quarterback’s throwing motion needs work, he’s already assaulting massage therapists at a Deshaun Watson-like level.
  • Experts predict them to finish first . . . in the 2022 draft.