Signs You’re Dumber than a Box of Rocks

There are a lot of stupid people . . . and a lot of REALLY stupid people.  You never know if you might be one of them, so here are The Top Signs You’re Dumber than a Box of Rocks.

  • You didn’t delete all your old podcasts before giving yourself the hosting job on “Jeopardy!”
  • You just lost a game of checkers . . . to a box of rocks.
  • You just got waitlisted by DeVry.
  • You only watch movies where Vin Diesel rides a motorcycle.
  • You think the coronavirus originated from a Mexican beer.
  • No matter if you’re buying a car or a toaster, you have a strict policy of always getting the extended warranty.
  • The last thing you read was the instructions to a box of Kleenex.
  • You put your life savings on the Detroit Lions to win it all.
  • Your dog watches you play with squeaky toys.
  • You get all your news from Facebook.