Five More Things We’re Googling About the Olympics

Here are five more things we’re googling about the Olympics . . .

 1.  “Why do swimmers slap themselves?”  It’s a way to warm-up.  They slap their body to get the blood flowing.

 2.  “How wide is an Olympic balance beam?”  Four inches.  They’re 16-and-a-half feet long, four feet off the ground, and only four inches wide.

  3.  “How do they transport horses for the Olympics?”  The short answer is cargo planes

 4.  “Why does the U.K. compete as Great Britain?”  Their full name is actually the “Great Britain and Northern Ireland Olympic Team.”  That’s because Northern Ireland isn’t part of Great Britain. It IS in the U.K., so that would be easier.  But they’ve been going by “Great Britain” since the first Summer Olympics in 1896, and they’re sticking with it.

  5.  “Why do swimmers wear two caps?”  There are two reasons.  One, it helps secure their goggles, which go over the first cap and under the second.

  And two, wearing caps made of different materials helps reduce drag in the water.  The first cap is latex, which stays on the head better but is prone to wrinkling . . . while the second cap is silicone, which is smoother to cut through the water. 

(Google Trends)