Do’s and Don’ts When Going to the Beach

When you go to the beach, you hope to relax and have an awesome time.  And to help make sure that happens, we recommend that you check out this list of The Top Do’s and Don’ts When Going to the Beach.

  • Don’t pull your bathing suit all the way up the crack of your butt and say, “Well, the Olympic beach volleyball girls can do it!”

  • Don’t bring any snacks that don’t taste good covered in wet sand.

  • If you’re the typical middle-aged American man, DO NOT wear a Speedo!

  • Do cover yourself in sunscreen.  Or, if you don’t have any:  bubblewrap.

  • Don’t use discarded heroin syringes as turrets on your sandcastle.

  • Don’t allow your blood-alcohol level to surpass the SPF number on your sunscreen.

  • Don’t use your thong bikini as a temporary face mask.