Signs You’re Too Woke

In this era of “wokeism,” there are some people that take it a little too far.  Here are The Top Signs You’re Too Woke.


  • You assign everyone the pronouns you think they secretly want but haven’t admitted to yet.
  • You even want to defund Sting, Stewart Copeland, and Andy Summers.
  • You average seven hashtags per social media post.
  • You named your kids “Micro” and “Aggression.”
  • Your favorite TV show is “So You Think You Can Nonbinary”.
  • You always run stoplights because you don’t see color.
  • Your motto is “I’ve never met a person I didn’t want to cancel.”
  • You’re boycotting Keebler because there are never any elves of color in the tree.
  • You set a Google alert for misgendering.
  • You hired The Property Brothers to help design your safe space.