Things We Still Help Our Kids Pay For, Even When They’re Adults

There’s a great scene in the movie “Parenthood” where Jason Robards tells Steve Martin you never stop being a parent . . . even when your KIDS are old enough to be parents.  And for a lot of us, that includes helping with MONEY.

A new study looked at the top things parents help pay for even when their kids are grown-ups.  And it found the average parent spends over four grand a YEAR on their adult children.  Here are the top ten things we help our kids pay for as adults . . .

1.  Groceries.  Especially when they’re in college, or just getting their own place.

2.  Household items, including furniture.

3.  Stuff for THEIR kids when you’re a grandparent.

4.  Bills.

5.  Emergency expenses.

6.  Vacations.

7.  Cars

8.  Rent or mortgage payments.

9.  A down payment on their first home.

10.  Travel expenses, like plane tickets home.