Things to Consider Buying an Air-Fryer

Air-fryers continue to rise in popularity.  So if you’re in the market for one, we recommend that you first review this list of The Top Things to Consider Buying an Air-Fryer.

  • Am I prepared to lose friends who get sick and tired of hearing me talk about it?

  • Am I just buying this so my air broiler will have a pal?

  • Can it quickly dry out underwear after “accidents?”

  • Should I try to impress my friends with how woke I am by buying one that’s solar-powered?

  • If they’re so great, how come the Founding Fathers never needed ’em?

  • If I put Skittles in, does it turn into cotton candy? 

  • Can I take it to the office so coworkers know I’m better than them?

  • If I use it enough, can I then use the eternally annoying title of “foodie” in my Instagram bio?