Only 3 Nights Of Poor Sleep Cause A Deterioration In Mental And Physical Health

Getting a good night’s sleep is more important than you might think.

University of South Florida researchers found that just three consecutive nights of less than six hours of sleep is associated with a number of mental and physical health issues. Physical symptoms include aches, pains, and breathing problems, while people also reported feeling angry, nervous, lonely, irritable, and frustrated due to lack of sleep.

Lead study author Soomi Lee says, “Many of us think that we can pay our recommended sleep debt on weekends and be more productive on weekdays. However, results from this study show that having just one night of sleep loss can significantly impair your daily functioning.” The data shows that the biggest jump in mental and physical issues appeared after just one night of sleep loss, but the number of problems steadily increased over a three-day period of limited sleep, peaking on day three.

Lee says once getting less than six hours of sleep per night becomes a habit, it’s increasingly difficult for your body to fully recover from lack of sleep.  (Daily Mail