Pros and Cons of a Four-Day Work Week

Moving to a four-day work week is back in the news.  Hear some for and against arguments on this list of The Pros and Cons of a Four-Day Work Week.

Pro:  It decreases your company’s carbon footprint, meaning you can INCREASE yours at home!

Con:  As much as being at the office sucks, its Wi-Fi is faster for streaming porn.

Con:  Rebecca Black’s “Friday” would have to be re-written as “Thursday”.

Pro:  It gives Debbie in Accounting fewer days to corner you with cat videos.

Pro:  You have one less day stressing about someone discovering that your coffee cup is full of vodka.

Pro:  Your annoying coworker can no longer call it “hump day.”

Con:  You have one less day to pilfer money from the petty cash drawer.

Pro:  You’ll become more efficient.  In stealing toilet paper.

Con:  You prefer crying at work to crying at home. 

Pro:  Now your family can only judge you for not having a job four days a week.