Parents Face 1,768 Difficult Decisions In Baby’s First Year

A survey of parents with an infant found respondents are faced with about 34 tough decisions per week, or over 1,760 difficult decisions in baby’s first year.

Choosing a name for their baby was found to be the most difficult decision new parents face (37%), followed by deciding whether to breastfeed or to use formula (34%).

Other difficult decisions in the first year of parenting, according to the survey:

  • figuring out childcare: 30%
  • which formula to use: 29%
  • where the baby sleeps: 27%
  • decorating the nursery: 21%
  • how to sleep train: 20%
  • whether to post pictures on social media: 19%
  • finding the right pediatrician: 19%
  • whether to parent as their parents did: 19%