Some Things Will Be More Expensive This Weekend

Triple-A released some stats on traveling over the Fourth of July weekend, and, basically, everything is going to be more expensive.

  Starting with GAS:  The national average this weekend will be about $3.11 per gallon . . . 43% higher than this time last year, and about 2% higher than Memorial Day weekend.

Still, we’re not close to a record, yet.  The average price was $4.11 in July of 2008.

 Prices for airfare are actually down a bit, although if you haven’t bought your plane tickets for the Fourth of July yet . . . good luck with that.

Hotel costs are up.  Mid-range places have increased between 32% and 35%, with average nightly rates ranging between $156 and $398 for a nice, no-frills place.

 And car rental rates have exploded . . . they’re up 86%, and that’s if you can even FIND a vehicle.  Rental car companies have been hit hard by both the pandemic and the chip shortage that’s impacting auto manufacturers.  (AAA / USA Today)