3 Ways to Shake Off Cynicism

1.   Look Deeper, Feel Deeper. You might want to shake your own cynicism by looking more deeply into your anger. Instead of thinking merely of how justified your anger is, think of what is behind it in a psychological sense. Anger often hides disappointment. Young people are often cynical when they first realize that their parents are not as perfect as they previously appeared. Adults might appear hypocritical by demanding greatness in school and social conduct while unable to deliver it themselves.

2.   Find Inner Peace. Instead of fighting the system, maybe you can find it in your heart to relate to others by identifying your own attachments. Make peace with your own human condition. Admit your own shortcomings.

3.   Try to Work with Imperfections Constructively. People do not change because someone despises them. Engage in dialogue. Stand up against injustice and hypocrisy, but lead by setting an example with your life and by sharing alternative ways.