Do’s and Don’ts When You’re on Social Media

Since today is Social Media Day, we’d like you to take a minute to check out this list of The Top Do’s and Don’ts When You’re on Social Media. 

  • Don’t show me the “Which Avenger Are You” quiz results.  I decided that a long time ago and, sorry, dude, but you’re Hawkeye.

  • Do use hashtags so that other users bask in the brilliance of your thoughts on this week’s episode of “The Bachelorette”.

  • Don’t say “Beautiful family” on a picture of a family that is not beautiful.  You will falsely inflate their egos.

  • Don’t try to re-friend me if I’ve unfriended you, unless you’ve made improvements to the qualities that made me unfriend you in the first place.

  • Don’t contribute to the downfall of society by following a Kardashian.

  • Do reconnect with old friends . . . and let them in on an exciting new way to earn thousands of dollars per month from the comfort of your own home. 

  • If you’re a middle-aged mom making a TikTok video of you dancing to “WAP”, do take a hard look in the mirror and ask where it all went wrong.

  • Do post pictures of your dog . . . as long as you’re cropped out of them.

  • Do realize there may be better ways to spend your days than tweeting out GIFs of Mr. T saying he pities the fool.

  • Don’t brag about how much your cryptocurrency is worth, because chances are you’ll be sleeping on my couch in six months.

  • For guys, do the opposite of what Anthony Weiner and Brett Favre do when they’re on social media.

  • Don’t friend request people you don’t actually know.  Talking to you, Matt Gaetz. 

  • Don’t share what you honestly think.  About ANYTHING.