Titles for Future “Fast & Furious” Movies

“F9: The Fast Saga”opened big over the weekend.  And the popular franchise isn’t stopping there.  Here are The Top Future Titles for “Fast & Furious” Movies.

  • “F 10: F.U.”

  • “F45: Left Turn Signal”

  • “Fast & Furious: Yeah, We Don’t Know How Liam Neeson Hasn’t Been in One of These Yet, Either”

  • “Fast and Furious: It’s Just Self-Driving Cars Now, Because Who Cares About the Cast or Plot?”

  • “Fast & Furious: More Unintelligible Grunting”

  • “Fast 10: Stopping for Gas Like Normal People Would Have To”

  • “The Fast and the Furious: Just Dom Saying the Word ‘Family’ Over and Over and Over Again”

  • “Not Quite as Fast, Still Pretty Furious”

  • “Fast & Furious: Bald Men Drive Cars”

  • “Fast & Furious: See Ya, Brain Cells”

  • “Fast & Furious 50: Dead Horse Beaten”