Should Bars Be Allowed to Keep Selling To-Go Drinks?

To-go drinks helped a lot of bars weather the pandemic.  But now that option is going away in some places, and not everyone’s happy about it.

New York just banned it again, and only gave people a day’s notice.  One bar owner said not being able to sell batched cocktails will take away about 10% of his profits. The other side of the debate is it was banned for a reason.  And won’t people spend more money if they come back INTO the bar anyway?

Someone polled 10,000 Americans and asked if to-go drinks should still be allowed.  Here’s what people said . . .

60% of Americans think bars SHOULD be allowed to keep doing it, at least for now.  That includes 43% who said it should be allowed permanently.

20% said it’s time to stop.  Another 21% aren’t sure where they stand on it yet.