Toxic Workplaces Increase Risk Of Depression By 300%

To the surprise of no one, a study has found that full time workers employed at places that fail to prioritize their employees’ mental health have a threefold increased risk of being diagnosed with depression.

University of South Australia researchers say that poor workplace mental health can be traced back to poor management practices, priorities and values, which then flows through to high job demands and low resources. Study author Dr. Amy Zadow says, “Evidence shows that companies who fail to reward or acknowledge their employees for hard work, impose unreasonable demands on workers, and do not give them autonomy, are placing their staff at a much greater risk of depression. We also found that bullying in a work unit can not only negatively affect the victim, but also the perpetrator and team members who witness the behavior. It is not uncommon for everyone in the same until to experience burnout as a result.” (EurekAlert!