Things We Learned from 20 Seasons of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”

The Kardashians had a reunion show on Sunday where they reflected on their long-running reality show.  We’re going to do the same.  Here are The Top Things We Learned from 20 Seasons of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”.

  • There’s no point in loving who you are . . . that’s what plastic surgeons are for!

  • All it takes to “keep up” with them is a lack of taste, pride, and intellect.

  • Each time someone watched it, they lost an hour . . . and a significant amount of brain cells.

  • Scott Disick exists solely to redefine the concept of “d-bag.”

  • Terrorists around the world use it as a recruiting tool.

  • Grandma Kris’ love is conditional upon your ability to book endorsement deals. 

  • Robert Kardashian has more to be ashamed off than getting O.J. off.

  • It’s possible to applaud Caitlyn Jenner the trailblazing pioneer, while also detesting Caitlyn Jenner the terrible person.

  • There is no low human beings won’t stoop to when money is involved.

  • Chlamydia isn’t a career-ender.

  • Escaping that family was the one rational thing Kanye did.

  • We saw a girl transition. . .from a porn star to a billionaire.