Guys Won’t See a Doctor . . . Until a Woman Tells Them To

The average guy could have a big hole in his foot and still not see a doctor about it.  So this tracks . . .

A recent survey looked at the top reasons men refuse to make a doctor’s appointment.  And over half said one of these four excuses factor in . . .  

1.  It makes them feel like a wimp.

2.  They’re too busy.

3.  It’ll probably heal on its own.

4.  It’s easier to go to the E.R. if it gets worse.

But it also found there’s one thing that CAN get men to see the doctor.  And that one thing is . . . a woman TELLING them to go. 56% of guys said the top thing that can get them to see a doctor is their wife, girlfriend, or mother telling them to make an appointment.  If that happens, they’re much more likely to do it.