New Slogans the Army Should Consider

The U.S. Army was founded 246 years ago today.  So it’s a good time to give you this list of The Top New Slogans the Army Should Consider.

  • If You Showed Up to Any Other Job in Face Paint, Leaves, and Grenades, You’d Get Fired.

  • Time’s Running Out for That All-Expenses-Paid Trip to Afghanistan!

  • Learn How to Use an AK-47, AR-15, and Everything Else Texans Bring into Waffle House.

  • The Army:  It’s Time You Started Rockin’ Camo.

  • Wanna Run Over Your Ex’s Car with a Tank?  We Can Arrange That.

  • The Army:  You Didn’t Like Having Hair Anyway.

  • Rock and Roll All Night and Party Every Day!  (Sorry, that’s a recruitment slogan for the KISS Army.)