We Finally Take Our Health Seriously at Age 39

 What age did you finally start taking your health seriously?  If you did it young, good for you, because most of us don’t.  A recent study found 42% of people don’t do it until age 39.  Here are the top things that prompt it . . .


1.  You don’t have as much energy as you used to.

2.  Losing weight suddenly seems a lot harder.

3.  Your clothes don’t fit anymore.

4.  A milestone birthday, like your 40th or 50th.

5.  You’re out of breath after climbing a set of stairs.

6.  Even running a short distance seems hard.

7.  Other people point out that you’ve put on weight.

8.  Seeing a bad picture of yourself.

9.  A family member has health issues.

10.  An injury that takes too long to recover from.