The Good Things About Stress

We all know that stress is unhealthy.  However, some people feel that it has positive points.  Check out this list of The Good Things About Stress.


  • There’s always a chance it could turn you into the Hulk.
  • You get to bring your emotional support iguana with you wherever you go.
  • Workers are more productive when you scream at them with bulging eyeballs.  Right, Ellen?
  • Profusely sweating is a cool way to make sure no one sits by you on the bus. 
  • Unlike most Americans, you have a perfectly valid excuse for drinking on a Monday morning.
  • Cracking brand new Everlasting Gobstoppers with your tightly clenched jaw is a popular party trick.
  • Your burning ears can be used as panini presses in a pinch.
  • Choking members of your extended family during the holidays is a good cardio workout.
  • Bright red just happens to be your color.