Signs You’re Way Too Into Your Job

Are you obsessed with your job?  If so, you can probably identify with much of this list of The Top Signs You’re Way Too Into Your Job.

  • You return your paycheck to accounting and say, “Thanks, but the pleasure is all mine.”

  • You steal toilet paper, highlighters, and toner . . . FOR the office supply room.

  • You have a replica of your name-tag tattooed on your left breast.

  • You know how excited Fred Flintstone gets at the end of his workday?  That’s you at the BEGINNING of yours.

  • You missed your kid’s birthday to attend your boss’s kid’s birthday.

  • You spend all day at work smiling.  And not because you hid a camera in the restroom.

  • You have the company record for most consecutive holidays worked.

  • You can barely see through the tears when you lock up your office on Fridays at 5:00 P.M.

  • Your boss has actually called the cops on you for refusing to leave.

  • Your preferred porn site is LinkedIn.

  • You built a replica cubicle in your living room.

  • You’d rather pee in a Snapple bottle at your desk than take a bathroom break.

  • The coffee mug you bought for your desk reads “World’s Best Employee.”

  • Everyone else at work wants you to burn in hell.