Amazing “Facts” About Hamburgers

Today is National Hamburger Day, so it’s the perfect time to check out this list of The Top Amazing Facts About Hamburgers.


  • In 1993, Mayor McCheese was arrested for possession of crack cocaine and soliciting a prostitute.
  • If one ever talks to you, that means they put the wrong kind of mushrooms on it.
  • If all hamburgers eaten by Americans in a single year were arranged in a straight line, Charles Barkley would be extremely busy.
  • In Alabama, they are classified as vegetables.
  • You could probably shoot that Burger King mascot and get away with it using a Stand Your Ground defense.  He’s that creepy.
  • If you eat hamburgers every day . . . the most amazing fact is that you’re still alive.
  • If you plant a seed from a hamburger bun, it will grow into a cholesterol tree.
  • The most expensive burger ever made sold for $5,000.  And before buying it, you had to sign an affidavit, swearing you were a terrible excuse for a human being.