Things That Need to Be Said!

Do you ever want to say things that are weighing heavily on your mind, but instead you just keep it to yourself?  Perhaps it’s even something on this list of The Top Things That Need to Be Saidt!

  • All that manbun tells me is that you’re dead inside.

  • Wake me up when all this damn “woke” stuff is over.

  • Why the hell doesn’t the media stop with titles like “reality star and entrepreneur” before Kim Kardashian’s name and use the true and accurate one:  porn star?

  • The only difference between sparkling water and tap water is that some dummies pay $5 for it.

  • Most of the Baldwin brothers were conceived as organ donors for Alec, if necessary.

  • No one wants Caitlyn Jenner to be in charge of ANYTHING!

  • We can all agree, K-Pop is pretty terrible, right?

  • Tom Selleck wants to bankrupt all old people!

  • For the love of Pete, NBC, the world doesn’t need any more “Law & Orders”.