Here’s How To Deal With Your Partner Liking Other People’s Instagram Pics

Social media can present some tricky scenarios for couples.

Matchmaker Susan Trombetti says it’s perfectly normal to feel jealous if your partner is liking someone else’s sexy posts. She says if your partner is constantly liking photos of an influencer or celebrity you should check in with yourself before freaking out. Behavioral scientist Clarissa Silva says, “Before approaching your partner, figure out why you’re upset. Don’t focus on the behavior, focus on what the behavior made you feel. Then be honest about why their behavior is rubbing you the wrong way.”

If your significant other is liking photos of someone they know, relationship coach Brenda Della Casa says you need to remember that it’s unfair to expect your partner is going to totally stop finding other people attractive just because they’re in a relationship. She adds that just because they’re liking someone else’s pics doesn’t mean they want to date that person, but that you should ask them about it if you’re truly uncomfortable. If their activity is totally innocent, then they shouldn’t have any reason to feel guilty about it. But, if your partner is liking photos of their ex, the experts say you should be as direct as possible when asking about it, but remember to stay non-confrontational. And overall, if your partner isn’t willing to change their behavior, Trombetti says, “A partner should make your concerns a priority in their life. If they refuse to change, that tells you that they aren’t prioritizing your feelings, which is a red flag.”
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