Top Tips for Getting Along with Coworkers

Your workday is much more productive and enjoyable when everyone gets along.  We can help make that happen for you with this list of The Top Tips for Getting Along with Coworkers.


  • Just because “Mambo #5” is stuck in your head, doesn’t mean you have to sing it out loud.

  • Even if down deep you’re not all that impressed, always compliment your cubicle mate’s rubber band ball.

  • Don’t say “I’m gonna need that pen back,” as if the person borrowing it was planning some covert Bic heist.

  • When a coworker asks how your day’s going, spare them the details about crying all morning in the shower.

  • Avoid keying the car in the parking spot awarded to the employee of the month.

  • Try to limit your Instagram comments on their teenage daughter’s bikini photos.

  • Even when it seems like everyone’s sick of Minions memes, be confident that YOU can find one to change their minds!

  • Always let young up-and-comers know you’ve got your eye on them.  Just don’t reveal it’s because of the lipstick cam you installed in the bathroom.

  • Maybe make an attempt to learn people’s names before asking them to donate to your kid’s fundraiser.

  • Remember, “Bring Your Kid to Work Day” is a real thing.  “Bring Your Surgically Removed Anal Polyps to Work Day” is not.

  • If you’re the first one in the office, start the coffee machine.  You know, after you load your trunk with copy paper.