Little Things You Can Do to Make the World a Better Place

 Most people would probably be willing to do a little something if they thought it could improve the world.  In fact, it might even be something on this list of The Top Little Things You Can Do to Make the World a Better Place.


  • Don’t kill spiders.  At this rate it won’t be long before we need them as either food or currency.
  • Recycle.  Otherwise, those empty opioid bottles will wind up in our rivers and lakes.
  • Don’t judge people by the color of their skin.  Judge them by the thickness of their wallet.
  • Refrain from starting a podcast called “The Top Little Things I’m Doing to Make the World a Better Place”.
  • For the love of God, don’t start a conversation about crypto, your golf score or how much you saved by refinancing.
  • Plant a tree . . . outside your bedroom window so neighbors can’t see what you do with that department store mannequin at night.
  • Try to live, laugh, and love WITHOUT pasting a reminder on your kitchen wall.
  • Boycott Hulu until they agree to stop giving shows to anyone associated with the Kardashians.
  • Stop encouraging Elon Musk.
  • Do the exact opposite of everything Ted Cruz does.
  • Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.