Things on Bill Gates’ To-Do List

 As you may know from recent headlines, Bill Gates has a lot on his plate these days.  Find out how he’s coping with The Top Things on Bill Gates’ To-Do List.

  • Park outside Apple Store and seethe over all the happy customers.

  • Program microchips so everyone who’s been vaccinated can do the “Thriller” dance.

  • Cross out “Find a competent barber” from the list.

  • Write up NDAs to send out with email dinner invitations.

  • Work on pick-up lines.  Settle on “I’m worth $100 billion.”

  • Attempt to salvage marriage by looking online for a patch.

  • Hire a new engineer based on education, experience, and cup size.

  • Start building MY rocket ship.  Hey, if all the other billionaires can do it, so can I!

  • Check the couch cushions for a loose couple million.

  • Set Melinda’s brain chip to “self-destruct.”