Working Long Hours is Deadly

According to the World Health Organization, Working long hours isn’t just something that you hate to do, it’s also deadly.

A global study on deaths associated with longer working hours found that 745,000 people died from stroke and heart disease associated with long working hours in 2016, an increase of nearly 30 percent from 2000. The study found that most of the victims, 72 percent, were men and were middle-aged or older, and the deaths often occurred later in life, sometimes decades later, than when they worked the long hours.

Maria Neira, director of the WHO’s Department of Environment, Climate Change and Health, said, “Working 55 hours or more per week is a serious health hazard.” WHO officials noted that the surge in remote working due to the pandemic, as well as the global economic slowdown from the crisis, may accelerate the growing trend of deaths from long hours. (Reuters)