Top Excuses for Not Finishing Your Taxes

Today is Tax Day (It was pushed back because of the ‘Rona).  So did you finish them, or do you fall into the group who has their reasons on this list of The Top Excuses for Not Finishing Your Taxes.


  • You’re still trying to figure out how to calculate the value of your Dogecoin.
  • You can’t focus on unimportant stuff like taxes when there’s a chance Bennifer are back together.
  • Well, duh.  There’s gas to hoard, people!
  • Flying debris from that Chinese spacecraft took out your accountant.
  • You’re an anti-taxer.
  • Making a counterfeit vaccine passport takes time.
  • You keep waiting for President Biden’s socialist agenda to replace capitalism.
  • You’re not going to file to protest the fact that there’s no line on the return for your preferred pronouns.
  • The message Bill Gates sent via the microchip injected in you when you got your Covid vaccine was to not file your taxes.
  • You have a long tradition of immaturity that you’re trying not to dishonor.
  • You were feeling too much judgment from Turbo Tax about filing single.
  • You haven’t even worked since March of last year.