Signs You Live in the Middle of Nowhere

 Here are The Top Signs You Live in the Middle of Nowhere.


  • Every morning, your local newspaper is blank.
  • A sign on the road that leads to your town says, “If you lived here, you’d be nowhere by now.”
  • The Google Maps directions to your house include the phrase “Over yonder.”
  • The first mile of any trip has to be by donkey.
  • There’s only one bar in town . . . and zero bars on your cell phone.
  • There are only 17 Starbucks within walking distance.
  • You’ve got 10,000 miles on your car, and 150,000 miles on your four-wheeler.
  • Your neighbors are too far away to complain about the stench of meth coming from your basement.
  • You can’t even take a WALK without hitting a deer.
  • You never have to worry about catching Covid from 5G signals.
  • You call them “neighbors” . . . others call them “critters.”
  • All your kids’ friends are imaginary.
  • Your nearest neighbor is the Moon.