What Modern Social Trend Angers You the Most?

A recent Reddit thread asked: “What modern social trend honks you off the most?” Some of the answers included:

  • How everything needs to be on social media. 
  • Advertising slowly taking over every single aspect of our lives. 
  • The celebration of bad attitudes, habits and toxic traits. People would rather be praised for being a villain than to be obscure.
  • Treating opinion as fact and fact as opinion
  • The notion that everybody needs to “hustle” and have a “side hustle.” 
  • This is more work related, but it pisses me off how there is now a work culture of always being reachable by email or text for whatever happens.
  • The whole instagram influencer thing. Why are we following these people??
  • Spontaneous facetime calls. I’m in my . . . undies stop shoving cameras in my face.
  • The politicalization of EVERYTHING and people doing certain things solely to display which political ideology they subscribe to.