Signs Your Cat Runs Your Life

 Is your cat the boss of you?  That’s probably the case if you match anything from this list of The Top Signs Your Cat Runs Your Life.


  • You have a different color laser pointer for each day of the week.
  • You let it poop in an uncovered box in your kitchen.  What more do you need???
  • You drop to your knees whenever he lays a dead bird at your feet and shriek, “Oh, THANK you!!”
  • You tried to pet him.  He scratched you.  It got infected and blew up like a balloon, sending you to the ER.  And you apologized to him for not respecting his boundaries.
  • You’re an upper-middle-aged single woman who loves red wine, Christmas sweaters, and “Outlander”.
  • You can’t afford groceries, because you’ve spent every cent you have on ten million balls of yarn.
  • You have a notepad where you write down what all her different meows mean.
  • You overfeed your goldfish so he’ll be extra delicious.
  • You get whatever side of the bed HE wants you to have.