A Major Chlorine Shortage Is Set To Spoil Summertime Fun

If you have a pool you may want to go get some chlorine now—the worst chlorine shortage the country has ever seen is on its way this summer.

Some pool servicing companies say they’ve already started stockpiling chlorine tablets, and pool industry insiders in multiple states say the chlorine supply is already in tight supply, particularly in Florida, Michigan, Nevada, and Texas, and pool owners are largely unaware of the problem. A combination of several factors has led to the scarcity, including an unprecedented surge in demand last year, and a chemical plant fire, which destroyed some manufacturing capacity.

Allan Curtis owns a pool maintenance business called Ask the Pool Guy and services 1,000 customers near Howell, Michigan. Curtis says, “[I expect pool owners] will have to go from [chlorine] tablets, to powdered chlorine, from powdered chlorine to liquid chlorine, from liquid chlorine to nonchlorinated shocks and things. And I do believe that all of those are going to literally run out.”

Pool experts say you say if you visit a public pool make sure the water looks clean and clear before getting in, contact your local pool professionals to discuss chlorine alternatives, and make sure you shower before you swim and do not let pets in the pool as they bring more debris and oils into the water, which will increase how much chlorine you need.