Your Heart Health May Be Influencing Your Coffee Order

Your coffee order isn’t just influenced by how much you slept or what you’re craving—but your heart health.

University of South Australia researchers looked at nearly 400,000 adults ages 39 and up and found those who had high blood pressure, heart-related chest pain, and irregular heartbeat were more likely to drink less coffee, decaffeinated coffee, or avoid the beverage altogether compared to people without cardio problems.

Furthermore, this link was based on genetics. Lead study author Elina Hyppönen explains, “Whether we drink a lot of coffee, a little or avoid caffeine altogether, this study shows that genetics are guiding our decisions to protect our cardio health. If your body is telling you not to drink that extra cup of coffee, there’s likely a reason why. Listen to your body, it’s more in turn with your health than you may think.”  (Yahoo