Signs You Need to Work on Your Marriage

Lori Loughlin and her husband will leave L.A. for a while to work on their marriage.  Maybe they realized they had to make the move after seeing this list of The Top Signs You Need to Work on Your Marriage.


  • The only thing the two of you enjoy watching together is each other’s suffering.
  • You’ve both started sleeping in separate beds.  In separate houses.  With separate people.
  • You used to write love letters to each other.  Now the only thing you exchange on paper are subpoenas.
  • You use wedding photos to get a flame going in the fireplace.
  • The other night you woke up and she was hooking the hose of your sleep mask to the car exhaust.
  • For the past 7 years, your sex swing has just been a reading chair.
  • You saw her wedding band on eBay.  For Free.
  • Your wife just hired a pool boy, but you don’t have a pool.
  • You watch those “Dateline” murder shows together, but only to take notes.
  • Even the kids are like, “Guys, we’ll be fine.  Just end it already!”