Signs Your Pilot Hasn’t Flown in a While

Airlines are now bringing back pilots they had to lay off because of the pandemic.  But many of them are a little rusty.  Here are The Top Signs Your Pilot Hasn’t Flown in a While.


  • The pilot in the plane next to her is screaming, “You’re too close!!”  And you’re mid-air.
  • He gets wasted after just two rum and Cokes.
  • He arrives in flip-flops, cargo shorts and a tank-top and then says, “Oh, there’s a dress code?”
  • As she boards the plane, she asks the flight attendant, “Which way to the cockpit?”
  • He still sexually harasses the flight attendants.
  • He sits down, looks around, then asks where the rearview mirror is.
  • He asks if anyone onboard knows how to fly a plane, before even taking off.
  • He mistakenly orders an in-flight meal.
  • You overhear him ask his co-pilot, “Where’s the ignition?”