Ways People Treat Their Pets Like Their Kids

You pretty much always hear people with pets refer to those pets as their “kids.”  And they back that up with how they TREAT their pets. A new survey asked people to name the biggest ways they treat their pets like children.  And here are the top 10 answers . . .


1.  Making sure they eat a healthy diet, 54%.

2.  Sharing food with them, 54%.

3.  Making sure they get enough exercise, 53%.

4.  Spending quality time with then, 52%.

5.  Creating a social media account for them, 46%.

6.  Buying them presents for the holidays, 36%.

7.  Throwing them birthday parties, 29%.

8.  Potty training them, 28%.

9.  Buying clothes for them, 27%.

10.  Wearing matching outfits with them, 21%. 

(Yahoo News)