Bagel Bites v Taste Buds

I’m pretty sure when you buy a $5 package of Bagel Bites from the freezer section you shouldn’t be expecting gourmet pizza . . . but this woman was.

  A woman named Kaitlyn Huber from Juneau County, Wisconsin just filed a class-action lawsuit against Bagel Bites for being LOW QUALITY pizza.

  She had two main issues.  One, they don’t actually use tomato sauce, just tomato ingredients and seasonings with no thickeners.  And two, the cheese on the Bagel Bites isn’t real mozzarella, even though it says, quote, “real” dairy on the box.

  Kaitlyn was especially upset about that cheese thing being from Wisconsin . . . the lawsuit says, quote, “dairy is more integral to Wisconsin than potatoes are to Idaho and oranges to Florida.”

  Anyone in the state can join her class-action suit over the deceptive packaging and quality of the Bagel Bites.  And she didn’t give a specific dollar amount she’s looking for . . . that would be up to the court to decide. (NBC 15 – Madison)