10 Things About Travel That Are Easier Now Than Before the Pandemic

Travel was always stressful, and traveling during a global pandemic hasn’t exactly been less stressful.  But this past year has definitely changed things.


According to a new survey, the majority of people think it’s actually EASIER to travel now than it was before the pandemic because of smaller crowds and more time to prepare at home.  Here are the 10 things that are easier about travel today . . .


1.  Standing in lines goes faster.

2.  Easier to check into flights and hotels.

3.  More time to pack.

4.  Easier to wake up early.

5.  Easier to board a plane.

6.  Shorter waits to talk to customer service.

7.  Don’t mind spending money on snacks and food.

8.  No gas station lines.

9.  Easier to be on time.

10.  More opportunities to relax on a trip. 

(South Florida Reporter)