Aerosol Droplets From Flushing Hang In The Air For 20 Seconds

Go ahead and put the toilet seat down before you flush.

Florida Atlantic University researchers found that tens of thousands of particles are spewed into the air by a toilet flush, and they can rise several feet above the ground, to mouth level. The droplets were found to float around five feet in the air for more than 20 seconds, meaning we’re at risk of breathing them in.

The experts say the droplets can act as vectors for diseases, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, which has been found alive in human feces. Study co-author Dr. Stella Batalama says, “Aerosolized droplets play a central role in the transmission of various infectious diseases including COVID-19, and this latest research by our team of scientists provides additional evidence to support the risk of infection transmission in confined and poorly ventilated spaces.” (DailyMail)