Euphemisms for Smoking Pot

Since it’s 4/20 Day . . . it’s the perfect time to check out this list of The Top Euphemisms for Smoking Pot.


  • Attending the Snooper Bowl.
  • Doing my doob diligence.
  • Playin’ the Colorado saxophone.
  • Mimicking McConaughey.
  • Having a picnic at Aunt Mary Jane’s
  • Watching “Godzilla vs. Bong”.
  • Channeling Cheech and Chong.
  • Worshipping the green goddess.
  • Reefer Sutherland-ing.
  • Filling up the grass tank.
  • Jamming with the Jazz Cabbage.
  • Kissing Reverend Kush.
  • Romancing the reefer.
  • Livin’ in Oregon.
  • Jamaican’ you crazy.